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Pot Seeds | Trusted supplier of Cannabis Seeds in the UK

Potseeds have been shipping Cannabis Seeds to collectors in the UK for over 10 years. Alongside Cannabis Seeds we are also specialists in rare plants and botanical specimens. We are bona fide collectors and purveyors of these items, not just drop shippers. Our examples are of the highest quality, and presented in convenient packaging.

We aren't the kind of shop that just lists EVERY cannabis seed available in the world. We hand select the Seed Banks that are featured on the store. If the strain you are interested in isn't here, you can bet there is a good reason why.

Shopping with us is easy and secure. We have vast experience in discreet, and rapid delivery of all sizes of orders. We supply genuine F1 cannabis seeds (marijuana seeds). Also in our range are herbal highs & entheogens, including peyote, salvia divinorum, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, kratom & cactus seeds.

If you purchase cannabis seeds from our store you can be assured of only getting ORIGINAL seeds, from the ORIGINAL seed breeders. We do not under any circumstances split open packages to give extra seeds or single seeds. If you are offered this service BEWARE OF FAKE CANNABIS SEEDS. Selling single seeds is a dubious practice.

Dr Hemp takes the lessons he learns in selling cannabis seeds to customers and uses this information to develop his own strains. Dr Hemps Lemonade is a direct result of studying the seed market. The Doctor saw a demand for citrus seeds, and took his time developing his own citrus flavoured seed stock.

We aren't one of those websites that appears one day, and vanishes the next. We are a proper UK based business with our own warehouse and distribution network for all of our botanical products. If you call us up on the phone, you get to talk to a real life friendly Devonshire Person (The accent may be a little confusing, but we can promise he is friendly!)

00 Auto Afghan Mass Feminised Cannabis Seeds
5 Feminised Cannabis Seeds 00 Auto Afghan Mass is an autoflowering strain. 00 combined the flavor, ..
text_tax £14.58
Dr Hemps Feminised Auto Bubblegun
The original Bubblegun is a stone cold Dr Hemp classic, so we are more than pleased to present to yo..
text_tax £24.99
G13 Labs - Purple Haze Cannabis Seeds
G13 Labs Purple Haze : 5 Cannabis Seeds   A hybrid cannabis plant with a soaring Haze high mixed wit..
text_tax £33.33
Seedmakers - Feminised Blizzard
Seedmakers Blizzard is a sativa with a vigorous and explosive growth. Pinch it out under lights for..
text_tax £14.58
Female Seeds - Easy Sativa
Female Seeds - Easy Sativa : A cannabis strain so easy outdoors ! Its all in the name, an..
text_tax £13.29
Female Seeds - Grapefruit
Female Seeds - Grapefruit For those who like it sweet ! Developed out of a Cindy 99, bred with an ..
text_tax £19.16
Female Seeds - Bubblegummer
Bubblegummer - Feminised Bubble Gum started its journey in Indiana USA, before branching its geneti..
text_tax £13.29
Female Seeds - Ice
Female Seeds NL - Ice This Skunk Special, White Widow cross was selected by picking the best from 5..
text_tax £18.29
Red Eye Amazed Pipe
Prepare to be A'Maze'd with this new edition pipe from Red-Eye. A high quality, lightweight and disc..
text_tax £20.79
Medicine Man (Kanna)
Medicine Man Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) extract This hand made resin kanna extract is made by a S..
text_tax £12.46
Sacred Blue Lotus
The blue water lily was sacred to the ancient Egyptians. The god of the blue water lily was Nefert..
text_tax £8.29
Kra Thum Khok (Mitragyna Hirsuta)
Mitragyna Hirsuta is a tall tree found in parts of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. It’s closely rela..
text_tax £12.50
Eco Shopper
The large Shopper bag from the Sativa Hemp/cotton mix Shopper Bag range is the perfect alternative ..
text_tax £8.29
THTC Hemp Wallet-Busta
* External photo/travel pass pocket * Tough woven hemp wallet with THTC "world map remix"          ..
text_tax £11.02
Hemp Ipad Cover Case
Keep your iPad safe and free from unwanted scratches and smudge marks with this stylish and versatil..
text_tax £23.29
THTC Bush Butchers T-Shirt
A classic THTC hemp t shirt. We don't have Obama Rocks in stock so get your mitts on this one instea..
text_tax £18.75
THTC Zulu Nation T-Shirt
55% organic hemp 45% organic cotton Men's Tee..
text_tax £18.75
Sleek Hemp Shoulder Bag
Look stylish with these endearingly designed Shoulder Bag from the Sativa Hemp/cotton mix Shoulder B..
text_tax £18.71
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