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Dr Hemp and his Cannabis Seeds

Potseeds was started by Dr Hemp in 2002. For 10 years we have supplied Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom.

We are famous for our customer service, and if you call us up you will always find an actually friendly Devonshire chap happy to talk about your order.

We stock regular, feminised and auto-flowering strains of seeds, and we heavily research our seed varieties so you don’t have to!

Our Own Seedbank, Dr Hemps Cannabis Seeds is going from strength to strength as well, we have recognised for producing strains that give excellent results, but don’t cost you the earth.

All your details are dealt with in the strictist confidence, and we ship in plain packaging promptly, special, or recorded delivery if needed.

We are always looking for Trade Partners as we sell a wide range of our products in wholesale quantities. Please get in touch if this interests you.

Posted by on Sep 01, 2016 .

As someone who writes almost exclusively about drug policy and the wider war on drugs, I’m asked constantly for my opinions on the latest drug consumption rooms, decriminalisation trends in the USA, or the chances of cannabis ever being legalised in the UK. Almost no one asks me about alcohol or tobacco. But they should, because when we talk about drug policy we should be talking about all drugs, not just the currently illicit ones.

The new alcohol unit guidelines from the government are a great example of this. Barely a soul has called this move what it actually is - an example of good drug policy.

The guidelines have been...

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 .

Hull City Council has vowed to act after a number of dogs fell ill after eating what is suspected (by the owners at least) to be cannabis.

​Kath Hope's puppy Max is one of three dogs to have needed medical attention, and was put on a drip after vets feared he had been poisoned by cannabis. Mrs Hope, of Holderness Road, east Hull, was adamant that more needs to be done to protect dogs in the city, telling the Hull Daily Mail: "We feel more needs to be done to clean up the park and ensure users don't leave behind any rubbish or items that might be harmful. It could be a child that is affected next time. We believe it was probably...

The human cost of waging a war on drugs was displayed in all its true horror last week with reports that 41 year old Tyrel Martin Marhanka, an American man living in Taiwan with his wife and two children, had stabbed himself to death moments after being sentenced to four years in prison for growing cannabis.

On hearing his sentence, Marhanka was heard to repeat “Four years?”, before declaring “I don’t want to live anymore,” and plunging a sharp metal object - believed to be a pair of scissors - into his throat. Despite being rushed to hospital, doctors were unable to save his life.

"We deeply regret that Tyrel...

Posted by in Smoking Device, Medicinal Cannabis, landrace on Jun 15, 2016 .

Call it marijuana, call it Mary Jane

I don’t like to argue, I don’t like to rant
But I want to talk a little about my favourite plant
Call it marijuana, call it Mary Jane
It’s the only reason why I’m not insane
I ‘aint no saint and I’m far from regal
But I think it’s silly smoking pot is illegal
You can smoke in Colorado and Washington State
And a bunch of other places that let you medicate
They tell me marijuana will cure a lot of ills
It’s gotta be better than popping all those pills
God made grass, man made booze
It’s not hard to figure which one I’m gonna choose
A cokehead, a crackhead will rob you...

Posted by in Medicinal Cannabis on Jun 10, 2016 .

May 24th, 2016, was the day I broke a vow. Like many days before and since, I received an early-morning message from a good friend. “Brace yourself,” it said, “the Daily Mail are talking about cannabis again.”

Briefly, my heart sank, but then I remembered that I had long ago made a promise to myself, never again to get sucked into a Daily Mail drugs story. Their lies are so brazen, their misrepresentation of scientific studies so openly deceitful, and their motives - website hits, and ad revenue - so blindingly obvious, that the best thing to do, always, is to ignore them and hope that others will do the same.



Posted by in NORML-UK on Dec 01, 2015 .

As you're probably aware, October saw MPs hold a debate on the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in the UK. As expected the outcome of the debate was essentially a fob-off; the issue was paid lip-service and then more or less forgotten about. 

The important thing to take away from it though is that the fact that it was debated at all got people talking all over the country. It may have petered out again since, but for a while there cannabis legalisation was everywhere in the media. This happened because over 100,000 people (actually 230,319 as of right now) signed a petition on the government's e-petitions website. Reaching this...

Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 .

Petition triggers debate. Debate triggers apathy. Apathy triggers another petition.

After another poorly attended, staged ‘debate’ on the subject of cannabis legalisation, in which barely a word of truth was spoken, and a government minister promised to look at evidence he’s already looked at whilst at the same time promising the government wouldn’t be changing their position regardless; I have to ask – what is the point? 

You can argue that having the debate at all ensured that the subject was once again raised in most if not all of the major newspapers. You could argue that some of the arguments put forward by...

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 .

Parliamentary questions: As a rule, they’re boring as hell.

Unless you’re a sad act like myself who follows these sorts of things you’re pretty unlikely to ever hear about any of them. But that’s a shame, because occasionally they throw up some absolute gems.

Take yesterday’s exchange between veteran Labour MP for Newport West, Paul Flynn, and The Minister for Policing, Crime, and Criminal Justice, Mike Penning. What starts off as a typically sleep-inducing question about ensuring that parliamentary questions are answered quickly and accurately soon morphs into, frankly, a work of art. Mr Flynn sets his opponent up and...

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