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The Herb Grinder is designed specifically for grinding down your tobacco or legal smoking mixtures into finer pieces, for a smoother, more enjoyable smoke.

Here at potseeds, we offer a range of grinders, from the cheap and cheerful acrylic models, to the 4 part aluminium crystal catchers.

Grind on you Crazy Diamond.

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Budleaf - Aircraft grade aluminium grinder / pollen collector This Pollinator/Grinder has razor s..
Ex Tax: £10.79
Clear View 4 Part Grinder This new 4 part grinder is fitted with a winding handle which rotates the..
Ex Tax: £21.66
This Delux Grinder is electric and looks like a torch. Ideal for the geek in your life that ain't in..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Making plastic grinders is bad news for the environment. That's why Greengo have used recycled plast..
Ex Tax: £2.08
Shark tooth grinder made from plastic. Cheap and cheerful but does the job! Random Candy Coloured se..
Ex Tax: £1.66
Power Grinder The Power Grinder or Ball Grinder is made from ultra strong polycarbonate, so extremel..
Ex Tax: £3.29
High Quality Cannabis Leaf Hand Grinder Ideal for grinding herbs and spices.Grind your stuff to a f..
Ex Tax: £2.46
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