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Smoking Accessories

Being the civil minded individuals that we are here at Potseeds, We have put our strongest efforts into bringing you the very best Smoking Accessories. You won't find anything thats not fit for purpose here, its all good stuff.

We have Basil Bush Bongs, A range of Acrylic Pipes and Bongs (perfect if you are a clumsy oaf) For those of you with deep pockets we got Roor Bongs, Palm Leaf Pipes are ever popular, as are Skeleton Pipes and the Red Eye Amazed Pipe. If you've never tried a Vaporizer for smoking, we can suggest a range.

All smoking paraphernalia on this site is sold for the consumption of tobacco. We should like to point out that tobacco is highly addictive and poses serious health risks. We recommend using additive free tobacco, such as Puablo or American Spirit, and not the vast majority of tobacco sold in tobacconists or giant supermarket chains (which contain, tar, arsenic, benzene, cadmium, formaldehyde, polonium-210, chromium, 1,3-butadiene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, acrolein and a whole host of other toxic chemicals). 

We should further point out that our smoking paraphernalia should not be used for the consumption of any controlled substances.

For example natural, herbal cannabis. It is the law that we can sell you smoking paraphernalia for the purposes of consuming dangerous legal tobacco, however, it is illegal to sell for the purposes of consuming cannabis. Despite the fact that it is scientifically proven to be safer than tobacco and is not physically addictive. 

The smoking paraphernalia sold on this site is only to be used with highly addictive and lethal tobacco.

If we have reason to believe any of our customers have the intention of using any smoking paraphernalia on this site for the consumption of safe and non-addictive herbal cannabis, then we will refuse the sale.

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