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About Us

Pot Seeds is one of the oldest suppliers of F1 Cannabis Seeds in the UK and Europe.

We have always had the courage to sell other Seed Banks as well as our own. We believe that the grower should have the greatest choice possible of feminised, autoflowering and medical marijuana seeds at a fantastic price.

Although our favourite plant has many names - Ganja, Chronic, Bud, Skunk, Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis however you know her you can be sure we provide the most friendly and efficient service in the supply of all medicinal, feminised and autoflowering ganja seeds.

We are proud to stand by our promise at potseeds that we have personally selected all the Cannabis Seeds that we stock. The world is full of seed banks now, and we have done the hard work for you. Trust in us! It doesn't matter if you are into Sativa, Indica or a Ruderalis Strain (The pot genetics that create an autoflowering plant) we have got the perfect seeds for you. More experienced growers prefer a regular cannabis seed, thinning out the male plants by hand, whilst it is often easier for a newbie marijuana grower to use a feminised stock.

Amongst our selection you will find plenty of winners of the Highlife Cup, and the High Times Cannabis Cup. If you want to go for a classic like a Shiva, Diesel, Kush, Lowryder or Northern Lights plant you will find examples from many breeders. Equally, if you want to try something a little different we have hundreds of Marijuana Seeds including Hippy Nights, The Purps, Afrodite and Blue Dream to name a few.

If Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are really for you (using this technique even a total new comer can get top results) Then we have a whole section for you to get involved in and find the perfect strain for you. All of our bombs come in the original sealed packaging, so you know your weed seeds are genuine, which is why we do not split open packets and do a pick and mix option.

Cannabis seeds are sold in the UK as souvenirs or collectors pieces. Information is only given for educational purposes and owing to the fact cultivation of cannabis is legal in some sensible countries, which are not governed by a Nanny State, like we are in here in Britain. Therefore these seeds are strictly not for cultivation in the UK. These seeds may be legal for cultivation in places like Holland, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium or even parts of the USA, so for this reason, growing info is supplied.