Cannabis Seeds and Austerity Measures!

Austerity Measures. Sick of hearing about it? Yup. Still, getting some great value Cannabis Seeds might get you on track.

With every bodies favourite lady, Margaret Thatcher recently departing the planet, the dreaded phrase Austerity Measures is getting kicked around more than ever.

We thought we would do our bit and highlight some top quality cannabis seeds from K.C Brains that won’t force you to spend all of your giro on them. (you obviously don’t have a job right??!?)

So how about we start off with an outdoor variety? T.N.R from K.C Brains. The parents are a Thai plant that is currently 29 years old, crossed with a double K.C 2. The colas that this plant produces are pretty massive for an outdoor plant, and the whole thing is a very repeatable stable strain. A bargain at this price.

a thai style plant from TNR cannabis seeds
TNR Cannabis Seeds produce this outdoor beauty.

 K.C 36 Cannabis Seeds from KC Brains is a MUST for fans of White Widow style plants who are looking for something to give them that style in an outdoor variety. In fact, she is closely related to her, and KC 606 by parentage. She is isn’t a steath grow by virtue of reaching 6ft tall under optimum conditions (organic soil really helps) but the pay back of heavy trichrome formation will put a smile on your face.

KC 36 Cannabis seeds
KC 36 Cannabis Seeds will give you a plant with heavy trichrome formation.

Some favourite Cannabis Seeds of mine in this range is Sweet Dreams, if you are looking for a budget seed to give you a great indoor yield. she has a very sweet flavour and doesn’t taste bland like many of the cheaper skunk seeds that can often churn out that generic ‘skunk’ plant. If you do a perfect job in the grow you can get a finish as early as 6 weeks, although I would have to say that leaving for 7/8 will give the plants a better look, taste and yield.

sweet dreams cannabis seeds from KC Brains
Sweet Dreams Cannabis Seeds will give you a beautiful indoor plan with a heavy yield for a bargain price.

Finally, and as I get bored of writing, and you probably aren’t even reading DON’T GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN THE UK. It is against the law. Some countries have sensible cannabis cultivation laws and this blog is for them ok?

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