Our latest Cannabis Seeds come from the Humboldt Seeds Organization

You may have realised by now that we have a real soft spot for Cannabis Seeds that come in from California.

Having spent time in California I have amazing, hazy memories from the place and the weed! My strongest memory is of real fruity flavours, followed up with an almost panic inducing high.

Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Blue Dream
Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds will certainly effect your dreams

Blue Dream feminised cannabis seeds will deliver on that promise of a fantastic flavour. The high from this plant is a blatant mix of both Sativa & Indica, taking you from cerebral trippy highs to a full body stone. The blue tint gives her some serious appeal when in a bag – the whole effect is pure LA.

Chemdawg cannabis seeds
Chemdawg are cannabis seeds with a kicking plant coming on strong at the end!

 Chemdawg is on e of the parents of OG Kush, so for that alone we should be support this plant. If you can’t take a VERY strong smoke, stay away from this one. The smell is a little like petrol (in a good way) and the pungent smell really carries. It is said to be the origin of ALL the Diesel strains, so all you UK fans of that bud should jump on this.

Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds
Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds will deliver the taste of California

If you enjoy Sativa strains of Cannabis, Trainwreck should be on your list. Arcata, Humboldt, CA is a hotbed of quality strains, and this is no different.

The leaves are very thin so you don’t need to spend much time trimming, and the yield is big for a 9 week finishing plant. Combine this with a proper creeper of a hit. (At first you will wonder what all the fuss is about, until you find yourself forgetting what time it is – and where are the cookies anyway?) and you have got yourself a pretty special batch of cannabis seeds.

Yet again we must stress that you MUST NOT GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN THE UK. Bad Idea. It is illegal. In fact, the UK is definitely on the list of Places Pot People Should Avoid Around The World.

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