Dr Hemp presents our new Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Hey All!

Since I am very pleased with the new Blog, I thought I would present our own TOTALLY NEW strains of auto feminised cannabis seeds for your consideration.

We have worked long and hard on this, taking inspiration from some of our seed bank classics, with our own twist. We listen to our customers and this is what we have come up with in response to your  requests for auto feminised cannabis seeds. If our lovely customers want them, they get them, so here we go. Lets start with my personal favourite, Hippy Nights, Not just a great way to spend your evenings, it is also a top ranking cannabis plant!

Next, take a look at Big Bud & LowryderII. All our auto feminised deliver serious value for money, delivering plenty of heavy weight buds when the time for the chop arrives. Big Bud has all the flavour and massive crop capability of the original plant. The only difference is  that it now comes from a strain of auto feminised cannabis seeds.

Dr Hemp presents our own version of Auto Feminised Big Bud Cannabis Seeds

Dr Hemps Auto Feminised Lowryder is our own take on this classic seed. Tiny and mighty, with full power buds and packing a serious punch. Flavour is strong and tangy, with a classic skunk pallete, you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff when you go for this lady.

Dr Hemp presents a version of Lowryder, this one an Auto Feminised Cannabis Seed

We have some more auto feminised cannabis seeds coming on in the lab, so keep coming back to us at pot seeds if you are liking these styles. Be assured that we use only the finest plants and seed stocks in the development of our strains.

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