Dr Hemp uses a new delivery service : Cannabis Seeds by LEGO

Want it fast? get potseeds.co.uk to deliver by LEGO

So we have been having a few delivery issues with our Cannabis Seeds here at here at Potseeds.

Nothing to worry about, but the small orders could be delivered a little quicker. Young Nate went and hired some little dudes and here we go. Lego Seed Delivery. Lego is the major down time activity at the Dr Hemp underground lair. What started off with a couple of minifigs lurking around the dispatch department has grown into a fully fledged obsession with the crew.

Bobba Fett & Slave One lurk around the incoming orders phone line, ready to fight off any aggressive customers. We have paid his bounty in Cannabis Seeds, his personal favourite being Dr Hemps Auto Feminised Starlight – for obious reasons.

We have Darth Vader working the door in his Tie Fighter, now and again we have unwanted visitors wandering in off the street and he kicks them back out into the day light. Most of the time however, he just hangs about in his Death Star being depressed, and counting his Mr Nice Aghan Haze Cannabis Seeds (Well what seed strains did you expect him to be into? He is old skool) Our bean counting, sage operating accounts desk sitting guru has a whole Lego City on his desk. This includes a goods train with a hopper full of Blackskull Critical Ryder – Of course, being a bean counter he wants top grade gear, but doesn’t want to buy top money for them!

Driving this train full of madness is a tiny version of Dr Hemp himself, carefully constructed from old stormtrooper parts. We have plans for a submarine made of Lego, that will be sharing the tank with Rocco. A Lego sub will probably be safer for him than another load of pox ridden fish from Trago! Peter Reynolds the leader of CLEAR.

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