Female Cannabis Seeds X-Line, from Female Seeds NL

If you enjoy having Cannabis Seeds that nobody else has got, and you like to get them up front, X-Line from Female Seeds NL are a good bet. They have taken a leaf out of the best vinyl record labels and are doing short runs of Limited Edition seeds, that are only available for a limited time.

On the whole, when they are gone, they are gone. This makes a change for us as Feminised Cannabis Seed sellers, the normal route is for a Seedbank to bring a strain out to market after a long development period, and then keep on pushing them for a period of years. We are hoping that they keep to their word and change up the most popular ones by crossing them into the main range.

Another feature of this batch of seeds is thathave no images of the plants that result (obviously these are grown in countries that allow Cannabis to be grown) Probably because the sty rain was bought to market so quickly. we are waiting with baited breath for these pictures to make it onto the net, and Dr Hemp will do our best to bring you these pictures first!

A picture – problem is we don’t know what it is :

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