Herbal Nation present a new range of herbal Incense. Karmic, Holy Dagger and Blazed

Herbal Nation are a name to watch in the rapidly growing market of Incense. 

As you probably know if you are one of our customers, the problem with many of the incenses on the market today is that they are just to strong smelling. They have a real chemical base to them which many people want to avoid.

This is where Herbal Nation come in. They have an amazing range of Entheogens that are respected world wide. 100% pure and refined using natural methods they have made a name for themselves that they are taking forward into their own incense range.


 Blazed Incense has been formulated to give you a relaxing and soothing aroma that will keep you glued to the sofa for a while. It Contains extracts of Sibiricus Nelumbo, Canavalia & Amanita which have been blended together in exacting amounts to give you the required effect.

Stimulating Incense Range
Holy Dagger is an uplifting incense from Herbal Nation

Holy Dagger is the incense in the range that give a real uplift to your mood yet quieten your body! Again, the boys over at Herbal Nation have worked very hard and tried out thousands of variations in the blends to finally produce this winner. In this case, the blend contains Sibiricus, Leonotis & Canavalia.

karmic incense 3.5g
karmic incense comes from the herbal nation range

Sometimes all you want to do is have a good lie down! If you have had a hectic day and need to kick back and take it easy, load your incense burner with Karmic. The soothing smells really do work well, and before you know it the stresses of the day will be gone, you will be left with a feeling of calm and serenity. The herbal nation herbalists have blended exacting quantities of Nelumbo, Nymphaea & Passiflora to help you achieve Nivarna!


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