Medicinal Cannabis or Marijuana – nothing like experience to teach you.

Medicinal Marijuana (Cannabis) Nothing like needing pain relief to show you why it is a good idea.

I am always writing and learning more about cannabis seeds and its associated subjects, but up until now the medicinal side was purely secondhand. I could see that it was useful, and was helping friends ands contacts, but I had never need to use its charms for any actual, physical pain until now.

This week I went in for day case surgery. I had my abdominal muscles cut right through. Only a day case, but I tell you what it really really hurt! (it worked mechanically, I’m all fixed up now) I did need pain relief that is for sure. They sent me home with codine tablets and paracetomol. This combo worked, but left me feeling really groggy. It seemed the time to try Medicinal Marijuana.

Blue Fruit Cannabis Seeds
Blue Fruit Cannabis Seeds helped me out with pain relief.

A mate of mine hooked me up with some Blue Fruit Cannabis and I have to say it really did the job. I had to get past the fear that most weed gives me at the beginning, but after that my pain melted away. My big mistake was not using a vape, as it give me a little cough that hurt my stiches for a bit, but after that it was the perfect pain killer. It put me onto my back and finally i was relaxed. Codine had been working on the pain relief front, but was also leaving me fuzzy and brain dead, I just couldn’t get a handle on the day. With Cannabis I managed to put a decent LP on and drift away for about 3 hours.

When it wore off I thought I would give the cough a miss and managed to convince a mate to make some brownies. The perfect answer really. I got rid of a load of Easter Eggs, and got a handle on my stomach pain in one hit. I even managed to make them at a strength that didn’t take my head off, but gently put me back to bed, and I have been maintaining that level ever since. Thank You Blue Fruit.

Before the door comes in I am currently staying with said friends in Spain. DO NOT GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN THE UK IT IS ILLEGAL.  You have to give your money to the pharmaceutical companies. Sorry.

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