Name our new feminised cannabis seeds – Win a pack of Ten

The Dr Hemp crew have been busy in the lab bringing on some new cannabis seed strains. We are pretty excited about this, but our creativity seems to have been all used up – this is where we need you to step up and help.

Your mission is to come up with some names for our new Feminised Cannabis Seeds. The names can be serious, funny or just downright daft, all we ask is that they are original!

You have the following info to work with

  • Seed A is Northern lights x AK47
  • Seed B is White Widow x Amnesia

Send your ideas to the following address, or post a comment below, we will get back to you by 1st August.

name a cannabis seed address

win feminised cannabis seeds from dr hemp

If you happen to be the person that wins, we will send you 10 free seeds. (Basically we are giving away 20 seeds, 10 to winner A, 10 to Winner B)

We wanted to take some of our own favourite strains and remix them to give a twist on the old routine! We are looking for a good yield of course, and a short a finish as possible, but not at the expense of quality or flavour.

These ladies will also be easy to get results from, and be pretty resistant to plagues and mould.

we will tell you more as the release date approaches, but for now we just need to get those elusive names in the bag – we got Bubblegun last time out, so come on people,try and top that!

It will be interesting to see how this Competition turns out. sometimes when we run them, we get piles of interest and emails etc. Other times only 10 people bother! Mind you, if it is a low turn out, you are far more likely to win, so get your thinking cap on. Or whatever it is you do that inspires creativity in your world…

We must stress that the germination of cannabis seeds is not allowed in the United Kingdom. We provide seeds to people with different laws to our own, hence we provide notes. If you are in the UK, just buy, add to your cannabis seed collection and wait for the law to change.

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