Snowing in Devon, yet Outdoor Cannabis Seeds are go!

Leave the house, scrape snow from the car… drive to work and it is all about Outdoor Cannabis Seeds.

The shorts have gone back in the cupboard, the suntan lotion is away in the drawer and I was driving into work across arctic wastes. However you get into work and the order book is full of cannabis seeds for outdoor use (NOT in the UK mind, you know the score yada yada)

snow in devon, outdoor cannabis seeds in shop
Snow on the ground in Devon, yet people are buying outdoor cannabis seeds

All this madness got me thinking, what are the best strains for the Northern European grower (if the laws of her country allow)

First off I have to recommend one of our own strains, Auto Feminised Hippy Nights. The fact that they are both Auto and Feminised take much of the bother out of an outdoor grow. Very much a ‘Fire & Forget’ Plant. In a good season you can expect a very heavy yield, and they are very robust plants, being resistant to weather and disease.

Hippy Nights, a Dr Hemps new Cannabis Seed strain.
Hippy Nights, Dr Hemp presents – Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds, a great outdoor choice in cannabis seeds.

Next up Diesel Ryder from The Joint Doctor. A very interesting plant this one. Some outdoor grows need to be in full stealth mode. On the whole this plant likes to keep its head down, and ends up as a very small weed plant. However, the odd one will grow taller, due to some slightly random genetics, this can be an advantage – if you have some strange weather, the fact that some will bud slightly earlier or later means you won’t lose your whole crop.

Again, the fact that they are auto-flowering cannabis seeds really helps, it doesn’t matter when you plant out, you get a finishing time you can rely on. (9 weeks from planting in this case)

diesel ryder outdoor cannabis seeds
Diesel Ryder are a fine choice for outdoor cannabis seeds

Finally, this plant has all that diesel fuel taste that you love, from a plant that can grow well outside.

Quality Outdoor Cannabis seeds reviewed for you, on a day when I can barely be bothered to go outside. Don’t let it be said that Dr Hemp doesn’t care for his patients.

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